How To Buy The Best Gaming Monitor

When you are out to purchase a particular product but are faced with a wide range of choices, you are bound to get highly confused and return without purchasing anything. This sort of confusion tends to be high when it comes to electronics. This is because the number of models with the smallest of variations is available in multiple brands, thus confusing the consumers to a big extent.

When you are a gaming fan, you are bound to have the latest technology and items sold in the market. One of the important requirements today for a gamer is the screen. Gone are the days when one used to be happy with the regular computer monitor. Today gaming displays are sold separately and are in very high demand.

Here is a small buying guide for displays, to help you make the right choice:


The most important factor to consider before buying a monitor is to understand its usage. What are you going to use it for? Only gaming, for other purposes or for multimedia projects? the usage determines the requirement. When it is for regular activities, a low-quality screen will suffice, but for gaming and multimedia projects, a high-resolution screen can only do justice to the colors and graphics generated.


One can choose between a LED/ LCD screen, IPS screen, or even a touch screen. While LCD and LED screens are pocket-friendly, they also produce a good quality image. The backlighting in an LED screen is more than in the LCD monitor. The IPS delivers better colors that are more close to the original. The viewing angle is also wide in this model. The touch screen model is apt for home users and multimedia requirements, as swiping the screen is much easier and saves more time, than moving around with the mouse.


Going by the norm – bigger is better, a big screen is any day better than a small screen. This is because the color and images of the game can be viewed in very high quality and different angles. The ultra wide latest gaming monitors are very useful to see things bigger and closer. Multiple documents can be viewed at the same time.…

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The Big Glamorous World Of Yves Saint Laurent Handbags

Numerous designer handbags have taken over the world of fashion and style like no other accessory. Wherever we go, be it a street market or a high-end shopping mall, we can see a great variety of charming and stylish handbags to serve our purpose. Where on one hand, we can see clutches, wallets and slings, on the other; we are offered with fabulous totes, satchels and shoulder bags. A similar diversity of handbags can be found on the official website of Yves Saint Laurent or YSL.

Exploring the YSL collection:

Yves Saint Laurent started in 1961 and is known to offer some of the finest clothing, accessories, beauty products, gift items, and more. One such category of products they proudly display on their site is that of handbags. All the varieties of handbags they offer are available in multiple colours such as red, black, blue, brown, burgundy, gold, green, pink, silver, and white. You can select any colour or colours and order the bags and purses that suit your style and requirement.

If you are looking to buy bags that can go with your formal look at work, you can either select a top handle bag or a shoulder bag. In case you wish to pick a bag that can be carried on informal occasions, go for cross body bags or tote bags. Also, remember that nothing can embrace your look further on a wedding or classy cocktail evening than an elegant clutch. Purchase as many as you want and improve your wardrobe with every YSL handbag you own.

How to use these handbags to be a style icon:

It’s very common for us to carry a particular bag that does not complement our look for the day as perfectly as we expect. As a result, we are not confident about our look and do not get appreciated for it in public. Why waste your money invested in these bags when you can flaunt them. Take a look at how you can use these bags to enhance your look every day-

  • Always avoid mixing different prints. If you have a multi-coloured or even single-coloured bag, do not sport them with the same coloured dress. It will over-rule the impact of your dress as well as the bag.
  • Matching shoes with your handbag is always a great idea as it shows an organised dress-up and brings a balance in the look.
  • Do not mix the style of bags. Carry a formal bag when you are going for a formal event and feel free to use a cool and informal bag while you are out partying.

Keep these tricks in mind and go ahead with purchasing those favourite handbags from YSL to have a look second to none.…

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